Saturday, August 11, 2012

First Gold Medal since 1976

Keshorn Walcott broke the national javelin record twice and it was 84.58 that won the gold medal for trinidad and tobago. First gold since 1976! Congrats Keshorn

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  1. Keshorn Walcott was born in the scenic place of Toco, located in the beautiful land of Trinidad & Tobago. At the age of 15 years, Keshorn Walcott with passion for sport, started to participate in track and field. After his attempt at various events proved unsuccessful Keshorn moved to the javelin. From here on in only success followed his path.

    Olympic Games
    Gold2012 London Javelin throw
    World Junior Championships
    Gold2012 Barcelona Javelin throw
    CARIFTA Games (Junior)
    Gold2012 Hamilton Javelin throw
    Gold2011 Montego Bay Javelin throw
    Gold2010 George Town Javelin throw
    CAC Junior Championships
    Gold2012 San Salvador Javelin throw
    Gold2010 Santo Domingo Javelin throw
    CARIFTA Games (Youth)
    Gold2009 Vieux Fort Javelin throw